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Aerial Video & Photography for Websites

JABA Drones has been created specifically to produce high quality video and stills for use on websites. JABA Multimedia Design produces many websites for the Tourism industry and for the Mining Industry, both suited to Drone Photography. JABA Drones is open to working with other web developers or customers wanting to add aerial imagery to their current website. 

Cinematography, Television and Media

JABA Drones is available to work with film and television companies to produce high quality aerial content. Our pilots are experienced in working within this space and understand the processes involved with a typical film shoot. 


Farmers across Australia are recognising the value of using Drone Photography to map the progress of crops, to review stock locations and movements and to monitor the status of the land in regards to water, weeds, erosion and more. 

Asset and Building Inspections

Drones are now being used as an alternative way to economically conduct asset and building inspections on commercial or industrial estates. The use of high quality 4k (Ultra High Definition) video is now an effective tool to accurately survey the conditions of rooftops, buildings and grounds. 


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